Marc Friedman has been on so many dates lately, he’s on a first name basis with every maitre d’, waitress, and busboy in Manhattan. Unfortunately, all he has to show for it is a bank account that’s depleting quicker than his hopes of ever meeting “Ms. Right.” His dating profile says his ideal match is “a sweet, intelligent, down to earth woman,” but the only place he can find love online requires that you pay by the minute.

Frustrated and alone, Marc is considering giving up dating altogether until his unhappily married friend, Ira, gives him an idea. Inspired by Ira’s theories on men and women, Marc heads back into the dating world with a new sense of purpose, only now his “ideal match” isn’t what he or anyone ever expected. ManDate, the first “bromantic comedy,” chronicles an experiment in courtship that may turn the dating world on its head, as one brave, pioneering, and lonely man dares to ask the question: Can two STRAIGHT men actually date each other?